quoteGovernment and Global Ecology

“The dialogue project,” an art installation for world peace, is a portrait of past civilizations, their ethnicity and culture, presented as witness to our Global dilemma. Creating a more educated or powerful self will not alone save our planet but rather move us towards recognizing that we share the same breath with all of creation. We will one day awaken to the fundamental reality that we are a creation intimately connected and breathing together without end. Compassion comes from the awareness that all creation is alive and we are interdependent, all part of one another and involved with one another. Humanity will compete in a world where food and energy, ecological insecurity and global poverty create pressure for our societies to development and change. By embracing peace, cultural differences, practicing forgiveness and reconciliation, with those within and outside our individual faiths, all global citizens can move forward towards the creation of a more peaceful, just and humane society.


In addition, this project encourages humankind to remember the vulnerable planet Earth and how it is being stressed to the limit as a result of what we believe. Our future, and that of our progeny, is dependent upon our planet’s resources. Our future depends on our searching for affirming solutions that honor humanity together with the environment, where collectively we use eco systems responsibly. The faith communities, as well as those who govern, have a responsibility to themselves and to the world, to promote a common residence on earth that is decent, dignified and a peaceful one, one where we live together with a new definition for what is ownership.


In the age of a globalized human community and a shrinking world, interfaith dialogue and action is no longer just commendable endeavor but a historical necessity. “The Dialogue Project” does not communicate with words, but through the portraits of those who teach and remind us of the mysteries that are fundamental to our experience of being human. Inter-religious tolerance that encourages understanding, acceptance, respect, celebration and action is essential to our survival. The faith community of today, worldwide has a duty to develop new initiatives and agenda for cooperation throughout our contemporary society.


“The Dialogue” addresses today’s crisis in nature and in the human soul. It is my hope that this work will perpetuate the already popular worldwide conversation about the planetary crisis that faces humanity. I, like many others, yearn for an honest global ethic that will be honestly global for humankind and creation. We need to listen and respect the planet because it is our source for life. The earth is a gift that ought to be cherished for all of our survival.


Peace be with you


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