The dialogue

Presented by Mary Jane Miller and Valentín Gómez

Definition of Iconostasis

Inspired by the classic architectural iconostasis found in Orthodox Churches of Western Europe, The Dialogue, an iconostasis, is a wall covered by icons, created to separate the sanctuary from the nave. It is a beautiful visual history in paint, made for meditation and prayer. This Iconostatis is a work still in progress and is due to be completed in 2011. It is 11-feet high x 27-feet long set in a curve than can be stepped into.


Selections for the Insta llation

The Dialogue samples cultures from around the world and their respective spiritual teachings. Seventeen paintings of Gods and Goddesses are at the top, followed by ten paintings of master teachers. The third tier is forty prayer wheels in forty different languages. Lastly, there are seventy archetypal symbols. Three steps ascend to a doorway. Above the doorway is a portrait of planet earth.


27 Meditations
5 minutes of meditation can change the world.



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